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Mobile office for busy modern people

Why do you need a mobile office application?

Who works in the office without using Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF files, etc? None. Without this divine Office suite, we indeed cannot imagine what the world of work would be like. These files are almost the main information support, transmission, and storage tools of all office jobs, from simple to advanced. They are so popular that anyone who knows how to use a computer must know how to work with them.

OfficeSuite is an application that helps you work with office document formats right on your phone easily. It includes all files in various formats, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF. And as soon as you read the 4 items below about the outstanding features of OfficeSuite, I guarantee you will not hesitate to download this application and use it immediately.

Open, view, and manipulate comprehensively document files, sheets, and slideshows

Sometimes it is difficult for us to work on our PC or laptop when we are on the train or moving somewhere or in a brief meeting or busy at home with housework. Some situations are extremely urgent and must be solved immediately. Well, these situations are familiar to any office worker. What if in such an emergency, you still do not have anything that can support these tasks? Terrifying! What you need will be an application that helps you open, view, backup, download, manage, edit, create… document files right on your mobile device.?

Things are no longer worrying when you have the OfficeSuite application on your device.?

Work with any office file

OfficeSuite will help you edit any office document quickly whatever format it is. OfficeSuite can handle 100% of all popular files of Microsoft Office suite. Including:

  • Excel: XLS, XLSX, XLSM, CSV
  • Powerpoint: PPT, PPTX, PPS, PPSX, PPTM, PPSM
  • OpenDocument: ODT, ODS, ODP, RTF, CSV, ZIP

And it is compatible with both features and interface. That is, if on a PC/laptop, you can do anything with these files, through OfficeSuite now, you can do the same thing on mobile and even more quickly. Imagine when you are in the car going somewhere on business, you can see, review any document by turning on 3G on your phone, so the matter is solved within minutes. That would be so great!

Doing this was honestly the dream of many office workers some years ago. When I found out about OfficeSuite, I was extremely grateful.

Convert document files to PDF and vice versa

OfficeSuite also helps you do a very common thing that is to convert PDF files into Word, Excel, and ePub files while preserving the original layout and formatting. The reverse conversion process can also be done quickly within seconds. You can convert back and forth without worrying about losing any layout or data.

After that, you can edit them easily for work. This function is small, but you will find it extremely useful when you are in need.

Organize, sort, manage and find documents quickly and easily with File Manager

OfficeSuite will help you systematize and synchronize all Office data files into one place, thereby giving you easy access to all files and do a variety of basic and advanced operations such as search, sort, name, rename, copy, paste, delete, move folders. It’s as simple as managing files on your PC or laptop.

Online and offline storage systems

Just download and create an account to start using OfficeSuite, and you will immediately have 5GB of cloud storage in MobiSystems Drive. In addition, OfficeSuite is also compatible with Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Amazon Cloud Drive, Yandex Drive, Box cloud, email, and Bluetooth. These are modern, highly practical data storage places and are methods for exchanging and sharing business information that everyone needs.

After you read and edit, Office files can be stored in these clouds easily. If you want to share with others, just do it as usual on your PC.


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